About Us

Quantumleap Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. welcomes You.

Quantumleap Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. is an entity comprising of professional and dedicated team of committed individuals who provide you with the necessary guidance and tools to assist you to cultivate and secure your financial health and boost your confidence.

We are here to support you in achieving your financial goals and to secure them for you, your family and your future generations. We aspire to be one of the most trusted Wealth Advisors and Managers. It is our commitment to understand your goals and ambitions and bring them to reality through our expertise. Financial affairs are deeply personal and needed to be discreet so we aim to maintain complete privacy strictly. We also cater our expertise services to Individuals, Business firms, Business Owners, Non Resident Indians and People with Indian origin.

Our Mission :

“We want you to do what you love to do;

We Mentor, Counsel and Support you in fulfilling YOUR IMPORTANT Financial Dreams, Enabling you to Express Who You Are & Always Wanted to Be”

Our Motto :

“To Make Your Money Work for You, protecting your best interest through Effective and Personalized Financial Mentoring, Counselling & Solutions.”

Our Core Values :

Code of Ethics-1:- Integrity

We observe high standards of truthfulness, simplicity & honesty in conducting our Financial Planning Business and offer and provide Financial Planning Services keeping our Client’s Interest first & with Integrity.

Code of Ethics-2:- Objectivity

We do disclose to our clients any limitations on our ability to provide objective Financial Planning Services.

Code of Ethics-3:- Confidentiality

Client’s Confidentiality is elementary and presidential, We never disclose any confidential client information without the specific consent of our client or the provider of that information unless compelled by law or as required fulfilling their legal obligations.

Code of Ethics-4:- Fairness

We provide a Financial Planning service that is Fair, Just & Reasonable.

Code of Ethics-5:- Competency

We provide competent Financial Planning services & maintain the necessary knowledge & skills. We believe in evolving and adapting as the global market reforms.

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