Investing Solutions

Investing solutions enable individuals to realize their aspirations by making their money work for them. Growing our hard earned money should be simple and accessible to everybody, so that each of us is able to live life we desire. With this objective, we ensure we gain an in-depth understanding of each individual’s aspirations and ambitions so that we are able to recommend the right investment solution. We encourage people to link their investments to specific life goals so that they are able to realize these goals meticulously and with ease.

  • Mutual funds -
    We work really hard for our money so that we are able to live the life we have imagined for ourselves and our family. Therefore it is only prudent that along with us our money too works equally hard. Mutual funds are a good choice to put your hard-earned money to work. As your hard-earned money starts giving compounded returns, you will find it so much easier to afford all the things and experiences that make the quality of your life and that of your loved ones true rich.

  • Wealth Management –
    Creating wealth is a craft, and so is managing it. Our Wealth Management team is trained to hand-pick investment opportunities and carve out a portfolio that is as distinct as your life’s goals and aspirations. Our relationship managers ensure that your wealth is continuously managed as per your changing needs throughout your life.

  • Stocks and Securities –
    One of the ways of investing to grow wealth is Stocks and Securities. We ensure our investors receive sound advice, and service of the highest professional standards, for which we also offer an advanced multi device technology platform which is backed by expert research, risk management and execution capabilities to deliver best in class experience.

  • Private Equity –
    We play a vital role in helping individuals and companies looking to make substantial and long term investments.

    Our investments are made predominantly in unlisted companies and high growth potential. We partner our portfolio companies in growing core business, launching new initiatives, making transformative acquisitions and upgrading technologies and systems to support their long-term strategy and growth. As a result, we create value for all stake holders.

  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS) –
    In a market that offers a plethora of investment avenues, Portfolio Management is an exclusive and premium service available to the more discerning investor. Your portfolio will receive individual attention of an expert and can benefit from a wide range of portfolio strategies. PMS warrants an allocation in the core portfolio of a High Net Worth individuals.

  • Real Estate Investments –
    Investing in Real Estate can be a great way to ensure your investment portfolio is diversified and to optimize returns across asset classes. Real estate investments provide an opportunity for investors to benefit from exposure to a sector which is expected to grow as our economy grows.

  • Pension Funds –
    For individuals looking to create an income for their post-retirement phase of life, a Pension Fund is a sound investment product. The money is invested in a suite of themed funds, run specifically for retirement savers. These funds are tax-free.

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